Prof.Gaetano Esposito

In my career think of being able to assert that the Plastic Surgery has been an arrival point, not, like often today it happens, a departure point. When in 1970 they are enrolled me to the Medicine Faculty I had already decided to make the Surgeon Plastic, fascinated from the possibilities of this then emergent discipline.
The constant carefulness dedicated also to the treatment of serious reconstructive problems, the burns, the bedsores, supported from a constant job of modernization and specialization today concurs to me to face with the due confidence this discipline, and to put into effect always all how much it is possible for, above all to prevent, or however to face with opportune treatments the possible complications. The Aesthetic Surgery procedure is however and mainly a surgical action, does not have to forget it! The Aesthetic Surgeon necessarily must be before a good Doctor and a good General Surgeon then a good Plastic Surgeon for being then also a good Aesthetic Surgeon.
The safety and the appraisal of the opportunity of every procedure, great or small, inspire from always my acts even if some time that can put the Patient in front of the disappointment to look at itself to advice against the procedure in which it hoped. This attitude has been rewarded from the satisfaction and from the gratefulness of very many patients who I have helped in the solution of problems it is of aesthetic type that reconstructive.